Hairfall : Types, Patterns, Causes

Hair adds to your personality

Want to know about your hair?

So let’s get some knowledge of our hair as per Modern and Ayurvedic prospects :-


  • Hair is a protein filament made up of Keratin protein.
  • Hair grows everywhere in external surface except in mucous membrane (like palms, lips, soles).
  • Hair growth vary from person to person.
  • An average hair growth is about one and half inch per month.
  • Our natural hair colour is due a pigment known as Melanin.
  • For a healthy person 1 lakh is the maximum number of hair follicles on scalp.
  • Hair follicle below the scalp is living and above the scalp is a dead shaft.

Basic structure of hair follicle:-

This was all about a basic structure of hair follicle, now let’s continue with the hair related problems-


  • Hairfall is referred to as loss of hair from scalp.
  • Medically it is termed as “Alopecia”.
  • According to Ayurveda hairfall is termed as “Khalitya”.
  • According to Acharya Charak “Khalitya” is a Pitta dominant vyadhi.
  • The vitiated pitta dosha damages the hair follicle thus leading to hairfall.


Causes of hairfall :-

  1. Stress – Stress directly doesn’t leads to hairfall, but it increases the resting phase of the hair follicles.
  2. Pregnancy- Due to hormonal disbalance
  3. Certain medications- Like anti-depressants, birth control pills, Steroids, NSAIDS etc.
  4. Pollution – Air pollution, water pollution leads to hair loss.
  5. Chemicals- Hair coloring agents contain chemicals like Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide, Toluene etc.
  6. Unhealthy habits- Eating lots of junk food, oily spicy products can cause hairloss.
  7. Ageing – As the age progresses hairfall increases with time.
  8. Improper diet Lack of proper proteins, vitamins and minerals in diet leads to hairfall.
  9. Heredity The condition known as “Androgenic alopecia” is the reason for male and female pattern baldness.

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